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  • Published on Jan 14, 2014

    Dash Cam Craze

    In today's fast paced and crazy society, you've probably found yourself muttering, "I wish I had filmed that!" after witnessing an accident or near miss on the highway. With advancements in technology, you can and very easily. There's a good chance you've been on YouTube, BuzzFeed, Facebook, Reddit, or any other social site and watched several dash cam videos of highway accidents, near side-swipes, or some other incredible feat on the road. All these videos capture different things from different places around the world, but they all have one thing in common; they were captured from a dashboard-mounted camera commonly know as a "dash cam". Protect Yourself On the surface, owning a dash cam may seem like a luxury or even frivolous. But dig a little deeper and you'll see the real value. Dash cams can be used as hard evidence to fight insurance fraud. The camera can easily spot someone brake-checking you in an attempt to force you to rear-end another car. Dash cam's can also record people falsely claiming injuries or accidents. A simple dash cam can save you a lot of time and headache.

    Protection on a Budget

    So now you're thinking maybe a dash cam is a good investment, but it's probably too expensive for the average person. Wrong. With the explosion of camera phone and smartphones, the tech industry as an incredible supply of inexpensive camera modules ready to use.  A quick search on Amazon brings up a wide variety of dash cams and accessories to fit any budget.

    RV Protection

    When you purchase an RV, you're making a large investment. RVs tend to hold their value longer than regular automobiles because they take less regular use and abuse. RV financing tends to be easier to obtain because of the perceived long-term value of owning an RV, so protect it. Buying your RV from Redding RV should be a life-long (and then some) investment. Protect yourself, your family, and your RV with a simple dash cam today.  

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