SylvanSport GO for Sale in Minnesota

Kroubtez Lakeside Campers & More is excited to be carrying an extensive inventory of the 2018 SylvanSport GO! There are more than just a few reasons that the SylvanSport GO is the next purchase a camper should make. With no hard sides, you not only get to feel the fresh air while camping, but the lightweight is great and easy for towing. Maintaining a trailer of high quality with strong aluminum components, tons of cargo space and an auxiliary rear awning. Unlike many toy haulers, with the SylvanSport Go you won’t have to sacrifice sleeping area to store your toys. The GO pops up and folds out creating room to sleep up to four.

Sylvan Sport

Three Different Modes

Travel Mode - Being lightweight, the GO can easily be towed by any small car coming equipped with a 2” ball coupler, flat 4-wire electrical connector, LED tail lights and high-speed trailer tires.

Transport Mode - Built to carry heavy loads up to 800 lbs with a low profile design for minimum drag and fuel efficiency.

Camping Mode - This innovative, waterproof tent system allows up to six different and comfortable interior configurations including four self-inflating mattresses and an awning kit adding up to 80’ of outdoor living space with secure entries.


The SylvanSport Go is applauded for the not only it’s unique and easily-managed features, but for a quick setup taking just minutes. Check out how easy it really is!

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