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  • Published on Feb 21, 2020

    Buy A Camper In The Winter?! Why Would I Do That?!

    It sounds crazy, right? Buying a camper when there’s a foot of snow on the ground and camping season still seems lightyears away- who does that? The simple answer: The smartest buyers, that’s who!

    We know what you’re thinking: Why would I buy a camper that I can’t use for months to come? We hear this more often than we can even count. So, we decided to give a few of the most popular reasons that savvy purchasers have for buying their camper during the winter months.

    1: More Time to Plan

    If you’ve gotten the biggest decision out of the way (which camper you’re going to purchase), you can spend the months post-purchase planning your adventures! You can spend your time wisely by booking reservations, adjusting schedules, and coordinating the logistics of all the camping trips you’ll be going on. You’ll know exactly how long your coach is, so you can choose your campsites correctly and you’ll be ready to hit the road once the snow is gone!

    2: A Peaceful Shopping Experience

    During the spring and summer months, a lot of people are scrambling to find the perfect camper and dealerships can become slammed with loads of hurried customers. If you choose to do some research online to narrow down your options, you can get in touch with your dealership and make an appointment to see some units with your sales team member. All team members strive to give you the most personalized and enjoyable experience- and it’s much easier for everyone when we have extra time to spend!

    3: Time to Work Out All the Kinks

    We’d love to tell you that everything about your camper will always work perfectly and you’ll never have any surprises or need services. But that’s just not reality! As with any large purchase, things do pop up! Customers who purchase their campers from us always get a full walk-through orientation, where we make sure everything about that coach is working properly. If, by chance, something is not functioning up to standards, we have the ability to schedule servicing that issue during those winter months and by the time camping season rolls around, that coach is ready!

    4: It’s Show Season

    And you know what that means- amazing prices! All over the United States, the winter months are prime RV Show time. For our annual winter expo, we take the best-of-the-best units, a wide variety of models and floorplans, and a spread of price points into a convention center. It’s an awesome experience for our customers to have access to all those units indoors where it’s warm. They can chat with our entire staff, ask questions, and get fantastic deals on campers. Show Pricing just can’t be beat!

    If you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “Gee, I’d really like to get a new camper…but it’s winter & that seems silly”- take it from us: There’s no time like the present!

    It’s always Camping Season here at Kroubetz Lakeside Campers!


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