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  • Published on Jan 31, 2016
    Top 5 Minnesota Myths

    Top 5 Minnesota Myths

    There are many myths and legends floating around that get told over and over again.  Myths such as “big foot” sightings, ghost stories and haunted mansions, and so on.  Every state has some sort of myth or legend that got started because of a story told about a person, place or thing.  Here are a few myths and legends about your very own state of Minnesota.

    1. Paul Bunyan- we’ve all heard the stories of Paul Bunyan and his blue ox “Babe”.  The larger than life lumberjack that could cut down an entire forest with one swoop of his ax.  Well that legend started in Minnesota.  There are stories told about an oversized man that lived in the Northwoods of Minnesota with his pet ox.  If you ever travel to northern Minnesota, you’ll notice there are dozens of statues and monuments dedicated to the famous lumberjack. But, the stories are not exclusive to Minnesota, therefore lending to questioning whether the legend is true.
    2. Kensington Runestone- There is legend of a stone found in Alexandria, MN in 1898 with markings on it similar to those made by the Viking explorers that use to inhabit the area.  Many scholars say that the legend is authentic but there are many doubts because if it were true then it would mean that the Vikings would have discovered America 200 years before Columbus discovered it.
    3. Tiny Tim- The famous musician known for his song “Tip Toe through the Tulips with Me” was always known to be from Minnesota. However, only part of that is true.  He was actually born in Manhattan in 1932 but died in Minneapolis.  The singer, who adopted the name from the famous character by Charles Dickens, died while performing at the Minneapolis Women’s Club in 1996 after he suffered his second heart attack.  His body is buried in the Lakewood Cemetery in Minnesota.
    4. Minnesota is actually NOT the land of 10,000 lakes.  Minnesota actually has 11,842 lakes spread along the over 90,000 miles of shoreline.  Alaska actually has the most lakes within the state and has over 100,000 miles of shoreline on its borders.
    5. The Wendigo- This is a mythical man that is believed to inhabit the North woods area of Minnesota.  Based on Native American folklore, a cannibalistic man with an elk-like head use to dwell in the forests of Minnesota.  Ojibwe tribal legends tell stories of a gigantic beast of a man attacking tribal members and eating their remains.  Just like many tribal legends, there is doubt on the truth to this legend.  Just like the legends of Big Foot, there were sightings of this “Wendigo” as he was referred to by the Ojibwe but no proof that he actually inhabited these woods.

    There are many more myths and legends being told in Minnesota, but whether or not they are true is up to the believers…or non-believers.  


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