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  • Published on Mar 31, 2017
    Spring Cleaning Tips For Your RV

    Spring is in the air, which means camping season is right around the corner! It is time to make sure your RV is clean and organized for your upcoming weekends at the campground. We have gathered a few spring cleaning tips for you below!


    Get the outside spick and span

    Before you get the hose out, you want to make sure you check the exterior of your RV for any cracks or abnormalities. This will ensure that you get everything fixed before hitting the road. After you get done inspecting the outside, you will want to do a quick rinse with water. We suggest using a Lambs Wool Washing Mitt to get rid of the dirt and leave the outside looking shiny and new! You can also invest in a wash brush with an extension pole to get those hard to reach places.


    Deep Clean the Interior

    If your RV has been in storage or you haven’t used in since last year, it is important to take some time and wipe down every surface. You might also need to spend some time airing out the insides and using fabric refreshers to eliminate any odors from storage. This will ensure that your RV is smelling good and ready to roll for your first adventure of the season!


    Tips For Cleaning Your Bathroom

    For all of those hard-to-clean showers, we suggest using a shower-cleaning product that you can spray on and let sit for awhile. You will want to make sure that the product doesn’t have bleach as this can affect the seals around your tanks overtime. If you want to make things easier for next year’s cleaning, you can squeegee the walls each time the shower is used to prevent any residue build up. And even though it isn’t anyone's favorite chore, you want to make sure you wipe down the toilet (and outside of the toilet and floors around it) with disinfecting cleaner or wipes. Vinegar is a great cleaner to get your mirrors looking shiny and new and you can use a microfiber cloth to wash off those counters and sinks!


    Make sure everything is ready for the new season!

    After you are done cleaning, you want to make sure you throw away any old products left over from the year before. Make sure that your bathroom and kitchen are stocked up, including any first-aid materials to make sure you stay safe on your travels. You might want to take this time to wash out your cabinets and refrigerator before adding in your new items. Refreshing your sheets and washing your bedding is a great way to get that “like-new” feeling!


    Do you have any go-to spring cleaning tips! If so, feel free to share below! We hope you enjoy the start of the 2017 camping season!


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