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  • Published on Apr 17, 2015

    RVing and camping hacks 101

    The great outdoors, the campfires, and of course the food. Does it get any better than RVing and camping? Here at Kroubetz RV center we sure do agree on one thing, some of our best memories are sitting around a fire.Camping_ground_in_Kippel If you’re are anything like us you want to save on three things when you go camping: time spent setting things up, money, and storage. This creates the best environment for complete and utter relaxation. So, take a few minutes to read this blog and save yourself some money in the long run on these simple tips and tricks and you’re sure to be a happy camper this summer! Some of these are borderline genius. Simplification is the key to creating a relaxed camping atmosphere. Reduce clutter and save money on the fancy camping gear. This list will shorten your packing list by bringing a few ordinary objects that can double as useful camping tools.

    The List:

    1. Instead of hauling bags of ice, you should try freezing plastic water bottles and let them slowly melt, first cooling your food, then you have a nice cold water bottle to drink.
    2. Don't bother bringing sleeping pads and water toys. Sleep on plastic blow-up air mattresses that can go straight from the tent to the lake. Float on them during the day then sleep on them at night!
    3. Use compact, microfibre towels! This is an area perfect for saving some space that most people forget to think about.
    4. Don’t buy an expensive camp kitchen set. Bring a hanging shoe organizer to store camp kitchen supplies, such as spices or grilling tools. Hopefully it’s not a used shoe organizer or your food might start to taste funny.
    5. Try using tin foil to turn triple A batteries in to double AA batteries. This connects the terminal for you and finishes the circuit. Granted it won't last as long, it will get you through the night.
    6. Why buy fire-starter or chemical-based gel or even worse lighter fluid? Simply, use dryer lint as your fire-starter: save lint in cardboard egg carton pockets, pour wax over each pod, then bring along to start your fire. Bam! You have a dozen fires!
    7. Use sage to repel mosquitoes. Maybe you can find it in the woods. If so this will save you space and money.
    8. No need for a big bulky camping lantern: instead, wrap a standard headlamp around a clear plastic water jug. It works just the same and creates a well lit area.

    Kroubetz Lakeside Campers

    We hope this blog has given you some ideas and ways to save storage space, money, and valuable time when it comes to your next RVing trip. If you want to hear some of our other ideas learned by years of experience, stop by Kroubetz where you can save money on new and used RVs as well as any parts and accessories you may need. Give us a call or stop by today!

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