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  • Published on Oct 21, 2015
    Back To The Future, Back To The RV Roots

    It’s October 21, 2015. The day that Marty McFly visited to prevent his future son from imprisonment. In honor of McFly’s success on this very day, we are going to take a time machine ourselves and visit the beginning of the RV era and see how it transforms throughout the years. 


    1910 is the year that RV historians, David Woodworth, Al Hesselbart, and Roger White agree was the beginning of the modern RV industry. These “auto campers” and “camping trailers” as they were called more than a century ago, allowed freedom in sleeping and travel for the very first time. Though paved roads and gas stations were scarce, RVs were well on their way. No longer were modern day Americans limited by the rail system. 

    The only element that was missing to get these “auto campers” on the track towards a Type B van camper, was an on-board toilet. Later in the year of 1910, the Pierce-Arrow “Touring Landau,” was released at the Madison Square Garden.

    1920s and 30s

    These were the decades for the brave RVers who toured the country before paved roads were established. The “Tin Can Tourists” were named after their simple meals that kept their stomachs full while parked on the sides of the road. They created these camping clubs for all of these courageous souls “to unite fraternally all autocampers”. 


    RVs took a shift with the material that it was constructed with. They used aircraft-style construction and for the first time had bedrooms, or small beds, dining areas, water, and electricity. After World War II, in the late 40s, the American return from war brought family and job creations and therefore the beginning of an economic boom. With this, the RV industry began to thrive due to Americans seeking more travel freedom and mobility. 

    1950s and 1960s

    In the 1950s, large, colorful, school bus sized RVs ran the road and towable trailers, including the first airstreams, would make their grand appearance shortly after. The arrival of great organizations like KOA, provided campgrounds and a safe place for people to park their RV overnight. With easier accommodations and the means to travel with RVs, the industry would continue to flourish! These are the decades that many of today’s leading RV manufacturers began the race to provide the American people with the greatest design and most improved comfort. 


    The Class A Diesel motorhome movement made its way to the American people, and manufacturers looked for ways to make motorhomes the preferred choice over actual houses. A focus on the interior of the motorhomes became the gameplan. An upgrade for the kitchens, beds and bathrooms so that people might learn to understand that a life on the road could actually be the more viable option. Snowbirding became a full-time hobby for newly retired folk, and you could no longer travel far without spotting another motorhome parked somewhere near. 


    As with any industry, technology has brought the RV industry to a questionable place. Is it camping or glamping now with these beautiful leather seats, granite countertops, and entertainment options that are comparable to a state of the art movie theatre?

    With such extravagant RVs do people even spend time outside when they get to their campground? Regardless of the opinions to this debate, we believe that RV owners will always be lovers of the great outdoors. From the “tin can camper” routes to the modern-day wanderlusters, a love for nature and the unknown will always be the common thread.

    Kroubetz RV

    At Kroubetz RV we have endless options to fulfill your camper desires! Whether you’re looking to live like the original frontrunners of RVing or the Marty McFlys of today, we are sure to have something you want. Celebrate this classic date with a visit or phone call to our dealership today!


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